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It's hard being a Makeup Junkie.

It's difficult being a makeup junkie and working in a makeup shop. It's even more challenging again when you are the buyer for that makeup shop. Choosing the combination of brands and products to stock is the highlight of my job, pre-empting our #glamfam's needs and wants and knowing what's trending is one thing but when you have a serious makeup addiction and an endless catalogue of suppliers, brands and products at your fingertips it's so hard to not just order everything!!!

With that said this week we introduced Lash Food to the lineup. Why Lash Food? With the ever increasingly popularity of semi permanent lash extensions and options in fake lash style's it seems the trend of big lashes isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Lash Food gives the consumer another option in getting long lashes but organically. Personally I'm a huge fan of big lashes as well but wearing glasses and loving removing every speck of makeup after work means I prefer wearing fake lashes that I can remove at the end of the day. Here enters Lash Food for longer, thicker lashes in 4-8 weeks, eco certified with zero side effects and I am sold! Will I stop wearing fakies? Never. I am starting this week on Lash Food because If I give myself the full 8 weeks to get my longer, thicker lashes then I am on track for lush lashes ready for the warmer weather, lashes I can swim in, whip a quick coat of mascara over and with my other purchase, BECCA'S Sunchaser palette my Spring/Summer face is going to be minimally fresh!

I predict I am going to love Lash Food and you will too.

What am I purchasing from the store this week?

LASH Food Serum 
LASH Food Mascara 
BECCA Sunchaser palette 

Because I want you to experience naturally longer, thicker lashes use code LASHFOOD15 at the checkout and take 15% off the entire range of LASH FOOD. Valid until 10/6/17! #treatyoself 

Susie - B.L.O.G

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